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Streetlight at 1531 Monroe Avenue Northwest Grand Rapids

Street light flickers on and off, South of rr bridge
OPENED 9 days ago #255845

Streetlight at 531 Quimby St NE Creston Heights

street light out by this address
OPENED 9 days ago #255844

Streetlight at 753 Leonard Street Northeast Grand Rapids

No streetlights on Penn north of Leonard st ne
OPENED 10 days ago #255733

Streetlight at 1178-1198 Maryland Avenue Northeast Grand Rapids

Left turn arrow blocked from Leonard to SB Maryland
OPENED 11 days ago #255623
Streetlight at 1178-1198 Maryland Avenue Northeast Grand Rapids

Streetlight at US Wyoming Kent County

Please check the traffic lights at this 3 way intersection. (Eastern & 32nd St) The timing on it was not right. Approx around 12:40 i was in the lane to turn North onto Eastern and it was about 10 mins before the light turned green for us...
OPENED 14 days ago #255371

Streetlight at 2156 Horton Ave SE Burton Heights

OPENED 22 days ago #254765

Streetlight at 719 Stocking Ave NW

No streets lights on stocking between 5th and 6th
OPENED 23 days ago #254742

Streetlight at 618 Ottillia St SE

Cobra-head light on utility pole south side of street only works intermittently. It strikes on, increases in strength for a few seconds, then shuts off for minutes at a time...all night long.
CLOSED CLOSED - 24 days ago #254507

Streetlight at 126–134 Fulton St E

I wonder when grand rapids will start enforcing this traffic light. Vehicles running into pedestrians without stopping.
CLOSED CLOSED - 25 days ago #253790

Streetlight at 1520 Calvin Ave SE

Street light flickers on and off all night.
CLOSED CLOSED - about 1 month ago #254068

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