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Pothole at 600–628 Ethel Ave SE

OPENED 7 days ago #255883

Pothole at 237 Dean St NE

Middle of the road
OPENED 8 days ago #255879

Pothole at 667 Broadview St SE

Pothole east side of intersection on Broadview
OPENED 8 days ago #255875

Pothole at 131–199 Alger St SE

Approx 2 foot sinkhole at the intersection of Francis & Alger St. SE
OPENED 8 days ago #255859

Pothole at Turner Ave NW Grand Rapids Kent County

turner st between Richmond and ann at the railroad tracks is bad you have to slow down to about 5 mph to cross over the tracks.
OPENED 8 days ago #255858

Pothole at 145 Fuller Ave NE

I sent the report in yesterday, with an incorrect road. We were just there, and there isn't any warning, no hole, just a severe dip that's rattling your car, southbound on Fuller, well before Fulton, past Lyon
OPENED 11 days ago #255629

Pothole at 76 Fuller Ave NE

South on Fuller towards Fulton is a large, kill your suspension pothole, South of Cheese Lady and a nasty dip in road, maybe a block before Fulton, also hard to see before you are launching in the air.
OPENED 11 days ago #255625

Pothole at 145 Fuller Ave NE

Serious dip in the road, southbound, just about invisible as it is the grey road, not a typical hole.
OPENED 11 days ago #255624

Pothole at 150-198 Lakeside Dr SE

Pot Holes
OPENED 12 days ago #255592

Pothole at 171 Lakeside Dr SE

Many Potholes
OPENED 12 days ago #255591

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